Monday, April 11, 2005

Race Scheduling

We've had some really great days of weather this Spring where I live. I love to exercise outdoors. I exercise outside through the winter, but it's especially nice not to have to bundle up, feel sunshine for a change, see the trees in bloom (which have been spectacular this year) and see a few people the trails coming out from their long winter hibernation.

By this time of year I have a decent idea of which events I'm going to participate in. You should too. Events, such as 5k runs or MS 150 bike tours are a great way to keep yourself motivated and burning calories.

I manage my event schedule like a pro. I have a certain set of events that I like to repeat each year and then I sprinkle in a few new ones. Some of the new ones stick and become a part of my regular schedule, some don't. I enter 5k races, bike events and I'm thinking of trying an adventure race.

For the events I repeat each year, it's fun to see how my fitness level compares with the years prior.

Check out websites with event calendars in your area so you can start participating in events that'll keep you interested in exercising. I recommend not bogging your schedule down too much with too many events. When waking up for an event begins to feel like a chore, take a break for awhile and resume at a later date.

Also, look for ways to involve your friends and family to promote healthiness and give yourself a little extra motivation for the event.

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Anonymous said...

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