Monday, September 26, 2005

Why do we eat so much?

"Why do I eat so much?" That's the most important question that you have to answer for yourself if you ever hope to lose weight.

Humans, through the results of thousands of years of trial and error, have figured out how to make calories bountiful. Thousands of years ago we worked all day to gather and chew enough calories to survive. Now, all the calories we need for one day costs a couple bucks and can be consumed in a few minutes. So, now it's very easy to over consume and gain weight.

It's easy to over eat, but why do it? There are many reasons. Habit, boredom, stress relief, lack of willpower, love for food, lack of commitment to and poor meal management are probably some of the more popular reasons. For me it was a mix of poor meal management (meaning I didn't eat enough fat and protein to feel satisfied), habit and love for food.

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