Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Ellen Show

Martina Navratilova recently appeared on the Ellen show promoting her new book, "Shape Yourself". Her and I share one secret to weight control - moderation. We also share a love of chocolate and have identical approaches to enjoying it without wrecking our waistlines. I eat a few Hershey's dark chocolate kisses each day. Since I know I'll enjoy more chocolate the next day, I don't feel compelled to eat a lot at one time. In fact, by eating it every day, it's even lost some appeal.

I don't believe in giving up the foods you like best to control your weight. That leads to binging and negative feelings about your diet, neither of which are helpful. Find ways to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and often. You're not trying to become a nun. You're just trying to lose some weight.

Ellen's personal trainer, who is a Biggest Loser trainer, was also on her show recently. He finds that people have a hard time getting back on their exercise routine after falling off. I agree. His advice: Remember how you felt after the exercise, not before it. Good advice. I never noticed it before, but I do that. A few nights ago, I was dragging and not wanting to jog. But I remembered that in the past when I felt the same way, a jog made feel a lot better. I was right.

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